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Poetry Prose

A place to talk about poetry

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Poetry Prose: Writing About Poetry
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This community was founded for the purpose of providing an open forum for discussing the nature of poetry. A place for writings about, discussions of, dismissals of, or manifestos for poetry.

It is not a place to post poems (Especially not yours!), but to post analyses, essays, queries and manifestos centering on the subject of poetry and poets.

Also encouraged are links to online resources for poets, and information about publishers, including calls for submission.

I hope that writers who are interested in poetry, both from a personal as well as academic perspective, will participate in this community. This is your chance to ask or discuss the who what why when where of poetry.

Attention poets and readers of poetry: If you are active in other poetry and writing-oriented communities, would you be so kind as to mention this community there, as well as in your journal? There are many thousands of writers on LJ, and this community must compete in the signal to noise ratio of the info-ecology! No kidding!

New Members: Take a moment to post your own answers to our questionnaire.

Standard issue: Advertisements for communities, spam, crossposts, empty intros & off-topics will be removed and their author banned without warning - if you're not sure, ask.

When parts or whole poems are posted, they should be in the context of illustrating an idea or point in your essay, and should not stand alone. All works and fragments thereof should be properly credited to their authors. bournvita is the place to post your own poems.

Please be civil, and frame any disagreements along classic rhetorical lines rather than pathetic ad hominem attacks or flames.


Created by kalemachka. Maintained by vriane.
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